Why TrueIMS

Maintain Inventory

TrueIMS helps you to maintain your inventory. TrueIMS provides you real time Inventory data, which enables you to maintain your stock at optimum level.

GST Compatible

TrueIMS is GST Compatible and you wont have to maintain multiple applications for your inventory purpose. TrueIMS will also give you a facility to export your data in excel / .csv format which can be imported to your existing accounting software like Tally.

Easy Printing

TrueIMS allows printing of Sales & Service Invoice from within the application in your own custom format.

Branch Management

TrueIMS also has Branch Level settings and everything is driven by Branch. You can check branch wise stock, make sale / purchase at Branch Level and also do transfers in between multiple branches. This is compulsory under GST Regulations

User Rights & Levels

In TrueIMS you can have multiple user levels like Admin, Manager, Normal User, etc. As such, you can assign limited rights based on User Levels and can maintain control of data.

Zero Maintenance*

TrueIMS is an almost zero maintenance software. As it is cloud based, all updates and management is done by TrueTec virtually. You don't have to worry about Virus Attacks, Hard Disk Crashes, Data Stealing, OS licenses, etc. We can make changes to the software from our office and as such can provide very fast service.

Simple & Easy

TrueIMS uses a very simple and logical Inventory Management System. It is cloud based application. It is not operating system or technology dependent. Can be accessed from anywhere with even basic internet connectivity. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can work on it.

Quick Start

Once you decide to get started, we can setup the application and customise it quickly with your preferences. We can get you up and working in just about 2 days*